ZONERGY Corporation displayed its Smart Products

ZONERGY Corporation displayed its Smart Products at South Africa’s Largest Solar Energy Exhibition.

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir) With its Global vision, Zonergy Corporation presented its Smart Energy Storage Products for the South African market by participating in Largest Solar Energy Exhibition in Johannesburg. The two-day South African Solar Energy Exhibition 2023 was grandly opened at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg, South Africa. The exhibition is the largest solar energy exhibition in Africa. ZONERGY made a wonderful appearance, exhibiting a variety of solar storage products with core competitiveness, which attracted the attention of many exhibitors.

The shortage of electricity supply in South Africa continues. Since 2018, large-scale power outages and power cuts have occurred successively. In 2022, the number of days of power cuts will even exceed 200 days. In recent years, South Africa has actively promoted low-carbon energy transformation and proposed emission reduction commitments to achieve carbon peaking in 2025 and carbon neutrality in 2050.

In response to the needs of the local market, the company focused on exhibiting household storage-related products. The Panda series of household energy storage products can well meet the needs of local families. The Panda series adopts a 5kWh modular design and can be flexibly expanded from 5-30kWh; it has stronger stability, and the faulty battery module is automatically isolated to ensure stable operation of the system. ; Built-in smart grid management system to meet the power grid dispatching function. Portable power supply with a complete range of models, including large, medium and small models, multiple functions, complete certification, standard lithium iron phosphate battery, safe and reliable; stylish and beautiful appearance, suitable for outdoor use by local residents and emergency use during power outages.

A number of potential customers expressed interest in ZONERGY products and signed an agency agreement with the company; portable power supplies and Panda series household energy storage products have attracted much attention, and the company sold the exhibits on site. Product love. Next, ZONERGY Century will focus on portable power supplies and household storage products, increase the expansion of the South African market, and provide high-quality products and solutions centered on customers. At the same time, it will continue to focus on innovative research and development, and continue to help Africa with technological innovation and green development.