Your #DarazJourney for 2023 has arrived.

Your #DarazJourney for 2023 has arrived. Here’s how to discover your shopping persona and share the results.

In a bid to celebrate the diverse experiences of its users, Daraz, Pakistan’s leading e-commerce platform, has introduced #DarazJourney —an exclusive year-end feature offering a personalized reflection of your shopping preferences based on the year’s purchases.

With an expansive inventory of over 15 million products spanning across 100+ categories, Daraz has etched its mark as the quintessential destination for online shopping enthusiasts. The #DarazJourney aims to encapsulate the essence of each user’s 2023 shopping escapade through a unique lens.

To participate in this introspective journey, users can simply navigate to the My Account section on the Daraz app, where fun insights await.

Based on shopping trends observed in 2023, Daraz has designed four distinct user personas within its buyers:

  1. Adventurer: Embarked on a new adventure to explore and shop on Daraz.
  2. Fun Seeker: Enjoyed the best of both shopping and entertainment worlds.
  3. Window Shopper: Enjoyed countless moments exploring the world of Daraz!

Share the excitement of your #DarazJourney with friends, family, and fellow Daraz enthusiasts to celebrate the diversity of shopping experiences within the Daraz community.