World’s Biggest Book Sale Successfully Concludes in Lahore

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale sparked huge public interest and excitement for its visitors

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)  The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, debuted for the first time in Pakistan at the Expo Centre in Lahore from April 19-29, 2019 with a unique concept of a non- stop 11 days/24 hoursbook sale, offering over one million books at amazing discounts of 50-90%. The event was officially inaugurated by the Provincial Minister for Higher Education and Tourism Mr. Raja Yasir Humayun along with the founder of Big Bad Wolf Books, Mr. Andrew Yap and Director of Big Book Private Limited, Organiser, Mr.AwaisAkhtar Butt.

The much-anticipated Book Sale received an overwhelming response from Lahoris who were mesmerized at the huge variety of books from various genres and categories including arts, architecture, business, fantasy, history, poetry, and science etc. Children were especially fascinated at the exciting activity books including the magical storybooks based on augmented reality technology.

In line with its mission of changing the world through books, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale believes that reading is a habit that should be instilled from a young age. The high demand of children’s books proves that parents are interested to instill reading from young. While there were customer demands for children’s books, many were also seen picking books from the business and literature section.

“Being in a new city for the first time, we were impressed with the change we saw throughout the 11 days, 24 hours non-stop Book Sale. We saw the increase of readers as the day passes by with Lahoris visiting the Sale at all hours of the day especially families with children, patiently picking books as a family with an interest to instill reading habits. This is why we organize the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, to make books affordable to all, especially families so that children can still have access to quality books,” shared Andrew Yap, Founder and Managing Director of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.

Since reading has taken a back seat in the age of digitization and gadgets have captured big chunks of time in our everyday lives, adults, as well as children, are more prone to these time-eating machines. According to a leading research company, ‘We Are Social’,specializing in mapping global digital and social media trends, the number of active users around the Worldaccessing social media through smartphones has increased by 10% in 2019 as compared to last year. This shows an increasing trend of people trying to access information through digital devices than traditional print. On the contrary, people from shantytowns in a Country like Pakistan especially kids who don’t have access to these technologies are hungry for books to seek for information and for reading pleasure.

Staying true to making books accessible to everyone including the underprivileged, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale also believes in giving back to the community. Through its CSR arm, the Red ReaderhoodProgramme, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale donated 500 books plus an additional of 1,339 books that were donated by visitors during the Sale to a local NGO called Slumabad. Slumabad is a local NGO that aims to provide access to education, health and economic opportunities to kids living in the slums of Pakistan.

“Reading is one of the most important tools that inspire people to chase their dreams. Through this collaboration with Slumbabad, we hope we are able to provide the opportunity to the young kids at the village to empower them with knowledge,” added Yap.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale hopes to return to cities in Pakistan and spread the joy of reading in different cities. Customers can stay updated through the Sale’s social media pages to find out more about where the Sale is headed to next.

For more details about the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, visit ( and @bigbadwolfbooks_pk on Instagram.