Why Do You Need A Great Phone This Cricketing Season?

Cellphones have come a long way from just being a medium of communication. They are a part of your appearance and a status symbol that you get to carry with yourself everywhere! This is why most of us prefer to carry a high-end phone these days. A trending example in 2018 is that of the new OPPO F5! It has all it takes to become the perfect phone for you this season! 
Speaking of this season, PSL 3 has taken over the cricketing fans in Pakistan! This is undoubtedly the best time to own a great phone. Here is why we say so.
Exceptional Selfies
Simply taking a picture at the stadium or while watching a match with friends and family is not enough these days. You need to be in the picture itself to prove you were a part of the fun, and what better way to do that than to take an exceptional selfie! This is where a great selfie phone like the OPPO F5 can assist. Since it is made to let your take great selfies, you can capture a great lot to be cherished later! 
Zero Lags
Wouldn’t it be utterly bothersome if you tried to capture a great moment, call a friend to a screening, or simply text someone, but the phone keeps lagging? The entire experience goes down the drain. This is why it is important that you get a high-end phone especially for this cricketing season, so you can put all your focus into enjoying the matches! This is another area where the OPPO F5 takes over. It comes with a 4 and 6 GB RAM, both of which bring a smooth performance at your end.
Style Statement
Since the PSL 2018 is underway, there are regular screenings! Friends and families are meeting more than often to watch the matches together. Whether indoors or outdoors, everyone notices the kind of phone you use. Having a modish phone in your hand makes for a great style statement! OPPO F5 takes away the show yet again! It comes in three exotic colors. You can choose the one that suits your style the best! 
Vibrant Screen
It happens quite often than not that you are out running an errand while a PSL match is on! You can use your mobile data to watch it on the go, but to truly enhance the experience even outside, you need to carry a phone that boasts a great screen! The 6” FHD+ screen of the OPPO F5 would do perfectly fine this seasons, and even beyond! 
The PSL 2018 is still in its initial stages which means it isn’t too late to own a great phone. As an augmented perk, the competition will end but your phone will continue to be by your side for a long time!