Wellness awareness progamme hosted

Karachi- With the objective to promote healthier lifestyles, Mantahaa Maqsood and Pomme Amina Gohar hosted a first of its kind wellness awareness programme amidst Karachi based socialites  and corporate representatives seeking  to improve their overall health, fitness, vitality and well being.

An insightful showcase of wellness, beauty and the organic life came alive at the Zamzama Park wher live talks, discussions, nutrient-packed palette pleasers, demos by subject matter experts inspired healthier lifestyle  habits through  regular exercise, nutrition, positive thinking and a balanced lifestyle.

Commenting  on the event Mantahaa Maqsood shared ” Several building blocks from the foundation of wellness, including nutrition to help understand the basic principles of healthy and nutritionally – balanced eating , sleep health movement through the variation of high and low intensity exercise, alternative therapies, holistic  beauty and spa treatments as well as meditation and mindfullness  to balance the nervous system . To me being a human being is as important as well being is as important as well being and that is the  reason why I opted to further the wellness movement and unveil my food and nutrition line”.