UBL CEO stresses exhibition of strong business

KARACHI – Wajahat Husain, President & CEO UBL has said that the era of disruption and re-invention of the organization is already upon us. He cited examples of businesses which had embraced technology and disrupted their existing business models to keep up with the exponential pace of change within their industries.
He also added, “To thrive in this disruptive environment, the modern organization needs to exhibit a strong business foundation, disciplined risk-taking, awareness of the environment and identify the change agents who nimbly lead the disruption in the organization.”
The talk was themed around ‘Embracing Disruption’, the session encouraged contemporary management practitioners to re-think and embrace the idea of a disruptive economy and to not only adapt to, but lead the resulting changes in their respective organizations.
UBL President was recently invited to deliver the keynote address at the Pakistan Professionals Wing (PPW) Forum in Dubai. Established in 1987 by a group of Dubai and Sharjah based Pakistani professionals, PPW aims to contribute to the social and economic uplift of the Pakistani community in the UAE.