Uber VIP: Uber introduces premium rewards for top riders in Pakistan

LAHORE – Top Uber riders deserve a top Uber experience therefore the company has launched a monthly reward programme namely Uber VIP to thank their loyal riders in Pakistan.

Top riders who make more than 10 trips a month will enjoy premium services such as top quality cars, special giveaways and more.

“Top Uber riders deserve a top Uber experience. That’s why we’re lifting the velvet rope and welcoming in our most loyal riders in Pakistan with Uber VIP,” reads a statement on Uber’s website.

The service is currently available to users in Karachi and Lahore only. Users who meet the criteria would be notified of their status through Uber’s official app.

Under the new VIP service top riders would enjoy; Premiums Services, such as highest-rated driver-partners and top cars, Exclusive Giveaways that include monthly perks and Priority Support whereby feedback will be addressed with top priority.

The VIP service will not have any additional cost says Uber, however fewer VIP cars will add to wait times for VIP users. VIP riders need to take a minimum of 10 rides a month to keep the service active.