Truecaller Opens its Globally Successful Ads Platform for Brands in Pakistan

Truecaller Ads Platform delivered over 33 million impressions for Sana Safinaz’sLawn’18 campaign

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Truecaller today announced the launch of its long-awaited advertising platform for brands in Pakistan. Partnering with the Truecaller Ads Platform launch, Sana Safinaz’s Lawn’18 campaign generated 33 million impressions each in two separate week-long roadblocks on the Truecaller inventory. 

With millions of users in Pakistan, Truecaller will continue to expand its presence in South Asia and Middle East, opening its unique ad inventory to the skyrocketing number of advertisers in the region.  The platform’s unique roadblock format enables brands to achieve 100% share of voice through in-app video ads, banners, and interactive content. Truecaller has also activated its Ads Manager in Pakistan, a self-serving platform for companies and small and medium businesses to manage their ads proactively.

Truecaller Ads has witnessed a repeat customer rate of 70% among existing partners and advertisers in other geographies. The fully programmatic advertising platform creates multiple opportunities for a brand to connect with a consumer, with Truecaller receiving seven to eight calls on average per day.

Tejinder Gill, Vice President, Global Sales, Truecaller remarked on the announcement, “Our foray into Pakistan with Truecaller Ads has been a highlight for all of us. We see a huge opportunity at the cross-section of the country’s fast-tracked user and consumer growth, and the rise of new-age of programmatic advertising. We are thrilled to be able to deliver a truly unique roadblock experience to brands, which offers brands fully autonomous management and complete share of voice.”

Sidrah Ahmed, Digital Marketing Lead, Sana Safinaz, commented that “The transition to Truecaller enabled us to experiment with a unique and immersive mobile advertising platform. The ad-serving strategically fashioned relevant micro-moments, to deliver pertinent and enhanced interactions with consumers for our Lawn’18 campaign, without appearing interruptive or intrusive. Sana Safinaz is ecstatic with the results the campaign generated, and we anticipate even more prolific collaborations in the future.”

Faisal Sheikh, Director, Brainchild Communications, said, “Mobile is a significant contributor in reaching our audience in Pakistan. You can only achieve effectiveness of a digital campaign when it is intelligently targeted using innovative platforms that are substantial part of our consumers lifestyle. Truecaller helped us in breaking into a clutter-free space with excellent reach and reap the benefits.”

With the launch, Truecaller is expanding its frontiers to add more value to the lives of its customers and partners in Pakistan and beyond.

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