‘Three Short Plays’ for children by 15 theater makers from 7 countries were showcased by ASSITEJ Pakistan

Lahore (Qasim Ali)

Lahore, Pakistan – ASSITEJ Pakistan’s International Theatre Residency in Lahore showcased three exciting short plays for children named, Deadtime, A Colorful Night, and Dun Dun Duna Dun. These plays were the result of the hard work and creative energy of the talented young artists who participated in the residency.

The performances of the plays were held at two venues, first at Aangun Center for Learning and Culture and second at Kinnaird College Lahore.

International Theater Workshop for Theater for Young Audience hosted by ASSITEJ Pakistan was celebrated by 15 theater makers from 7 countries in Lahore for 11 days through workshops, exchange and performance showcases for public.

The performances were attended by a large numbers of children, youth and families. Noted guests included Dr. Ruksana David, Principal Kinnaird College for Women Lahore, Renowned artist and educationist Shahnawaz Zaidi, Ahmed Bilal and Israr Chishti from College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab.  

“We are thrilled to present these three short plays for children and young people,” said the President of ASSITEJ Pakistan, Shoaib Iqbal. “They represent the best of what the Next Generation Theatre Residency has to offer – bold, innovative theatre that pushes boundaries of conventional storytelling for children and young people. We aim to inspire theatre makers to make theatre for children and young people in Pakistan through this program.”

For the 4th time since 2018, ASSITEJ Pakistan is hosting international theatre workshop in Lahore titled “Next Generation”. The workshop started from 9th February till 18th February while series of workshops from master trainers and mentors like Asghar Nadeem Syed, Ahmad Bilal, Bina Jawwad, Huma Safdar, Mobeen Ejaz, Aamir Nawaz and Shoaib Iqba are the part of the program. Theatre makers from Pakistan, Lithuania, Iceland, Finland, Srilanka, Mexico and USA are the part of the residency program. The programme is bringing emerging artists together to share, exchange, learn and present. The programme has a showcase of projects and works, discussion sessions, development of collaborative performances and performance showcase.

These three plays showcased the incredible talent and creativity of the young artists who participated in the Next Generation Theater Residency. Through this program, these artists were given the opportunity to explore new ideas, collaborate with other artists, and hone their skills as theater makers.