ThinkBeforeYouInvest Series for All Crypto Questions by KuCoin

The market of cryptocurrency is one fraught with hurdles. There are scams and misinformation floating around on the web for your consumption. With its rapid growth and popularity, such issues have also increased exponentially.

Like any other investment avenue, it is critical to gain as much accurate knowledge as possible. Without knowledge, you might become a target of fraud and pyramid schemes. KuCoin—“People’s Exchange”, an honorary title earned due to its professional products, teams, and services; has introduced an education series.

The #ThinkBeforeYouInvest education series is dedicated to educating users and investors about the world of cryptocurrency. Serving over 18 million users worldwide, KuCoin is dedicated to ensuring a safer world of cryptocurrency trading. It has singlehandedly taken on the task of spreading accurate information to newcomers into the market.

The series helps with basic safety tips about trading practices—including how to protect your mobile device from crypto scams, the importance of KYC in crypto user information security, and the difference between custodial and non-custodial crypto wallets.

The series has a multitude of topics for users on various stages of trading. It is a great resource to look into before starting your journey to trading in cryptocurrency.