The Indus Hospital Selects Oracle Cloud to Enhance and Improve Patient Care

As more patients register at the hospital, Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP can help automate and streamline the timely availability of medical supplies for patients

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)  The Indus Hospital, a multidisciplinary state-of-the-art hospital providing free healthcare, has selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to help simplify the procurement and management of its medical supplies inventory and increase visibility into its financial operations.

To support its mission of creating an excellence-driven, comprehensive, free of charge, replicable healthcare system accessible to all, the Indus Hospital needed a modern application suite that can help automate and streamline its business processes with industry-standard practices. The hospital is also at the forefront in helping the government in diagnosing and treating patients during the current medical emergency and it needed a realtime picture of its financials and inventory to enhance patient care.

The Indus Hospital selected Oracle Cloud’s modern mobile user-interface with embedded machine learning and business intelligence capabilities to help automate the hospital’s finance and inventory management processes by eliminating the need to manually input supplier invoices. It can also provide inventory tracking data in real-time for medical, non-medical supplies and perishables; and enable the hospital to analyze and select the best suppliers. Oracle’s offering can also provide a view of the hospital’s overall financial health, which can give management the ability to make more informed decisions.

“We have to make sure our hospital is resilient and able to keep up with the disruptions the healthcare system is confronted with today. By leveraging modern cloud technology, we will be able to streamline our processes and ultimately provide improved patient care in these challenging times,” said Shakeel Akhter, Chief Information Officer (CIO), The Indus Hospital.  “With Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning we will be able to overhaul the entire patient management and supply chain cycles so that we can adapt quickly to changes in the business environment and also give our employees more time to innovate and provide better service to our patients.”

“In the current business environment, our healthcare service providers need to be agile and focus on business continuity so that they can strive to innovate and improve their patient care services,” said Syed Azam Abidi, head of Oracle Pakistan’s Applications Business. “Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications enables our customers like the Indus Hospital to stay resilient during these difficult times by leveraging cloud technology not only to help streamline their business operations but by helping them to rapidly adapt to the current economic climate, explore new business models, improve strategic decision-making and begin the journey back to growth.”