The Fashion Soiree Day 2 of Shaan e Pakistan witnessed the real Padmaavat experience!

Lahore – The 2nd day of Shaan e Pakistan, “The Fashion Soiree” welcomed the Padmaavat designers from India Rimple and Harpreet Narula, along with our very known Huma and Amir Adnan, Komal Chawla and Reema Ahsan.

Happened in India and Lahore previously, Shaan e Pakistan this year came to the city of lights Karachi to dazzle the city with the alluring and exquisite collection to be showcased from across the border along with our local designers. The purpose is to bring the art and talent of both the countries together. At this moment Indian high commissioner Ajay Basaria was there to attend the show presented by the collaboration of Sephub and SoPritti.

Here’s the designer lineup that showcased their collection at the event:

Rimple and Harpreet Narula:The Rimple and Harpreet Narula’s signature style represents an interesting paradox of rural craft and exalted design — highly distressed surface treatments are juxtaposed with fine hand embroideries and the silhouettes enhanced with a contemporary spin! Their take on design and the process of design is intuitive while their approach to color and use of fabric is spontaneous yet exceptional.

Their collection is a tale of travel and transcendence…a yearning of the soul for a long lost home to which one cannot return.The spirit of the collection is of longing and desire, to hope and to rediscover, to lose one’s “own” to regain the “self” in the process.

The collection finds inspiration in the designers’ love for old textiles and their sublime leitmotifs. A riot of motifs- the French Paisley, Baroque chandeliers and curios, Arabesque cartouches, flowering blooms and trellises from Pichwai paintings, hunting scenes from Afghan carpets and Samarkand rugs, Byzantine mosaics, the Palampore “Tree of Life”, Mughal miniatures, and fantastical Birds and Beasts are used by the designers in a painterly fashion and rendered onto the ensembles using traditional kasab, resham and kachi-patti embroideries.Bringing Padmaavat to live in Karachi, Saba Qamar was the showstopper for Rimple and Harpreet Narula.

Reema Ahsan:

Reema Ahsan’s collection “Mehrunnisa” showcases the strength of a women, the pure heritage with all the inricate and ethnic details embellished and showcases new women of today bringing the heritage forward. Reema Ahsan’s collection was an amalgamation of silvers, pinks and light gold. The showstopper Sadia Khan looked ethereal in a beautiful silver outfit.

Komal Chawla:

With the colour platte of white and gold, Komal Chawla’s collection consist of 3d embellishments and cuts. From top to bottom, the models looked an epitome of beauty and style. The showstopper for Komal Chawla, Hania Aamir made the showcase much more amazing.

“This is just an initial step in the collaboration of both the countries for the love of art and talent. We are trying to promote the soft image of Pakistan, inviting the artists from India proving them a platform to showcase their work here as well.

Huma And Amir Adnan:

With having the dazzling showstoppers Azfar Rehman, Noor Khan and Asad Siddiqui, Huma and Amir Adnan’s collection was straight from the world of bridal extravaganza, from pink to green and golds all over, their models shinned bright in every outfit they wore.

“Our mission was to bring Indian and Pakistani art together and to give them a platform to showcase their art and work in Pakistani market too and Shaan e Pakistan is just a small step into this.” Stated Huma Nassr

The 3 day event ended yesterday with a full day exhibition of these designers resulting some great sales too!