The Biggest Price Comparison Website of Pakistan is here

– compares millions of products across thousands of stores across hundreds of categories to get customers the best prices and amazing savings

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir), Pakistan’s premium online price comparison portal that allows its users to compare millions of products from over 1200 stores online has officially launched its website for the public. Unlike other price comparison websites, PriceMeter’s sole focus is on providing unparalleled savings and ease of buying online, and the best part is that it’s completely free to use, just create an account and start saving today., is Pakistan’s ‘bachat ka search engine’ – Pakistan’s first savings search engine, and is the largest of its kind in Pakistan with access to more than 1200 online stores across Pakistan. It serves as a platform where customers can not only look up the prices of their desired products, but also compare them with other similar products’ prices and see which price suits them the best, it is simply the ultimate online shopping assistant when it comes to online shopping.

Unlike traditional price comparison portals, helps by saving time, money and efforts by simply searching the desired products and their prices in just a matter of few clicks. Not just that, it also keeps the customers updated about ongoing deals and discounts which helps customers save more money. Millions of products from hundreds of categories enable customers to keep prices in check and maintain a healthy budget for their household and official expenses.

The portal is not just limited to price comparison, it also boasts a range of other features. It offers its customers to create favourite shopping lists, which not only allow them to keep an eye on their favourites products but share them with friends and family. This also enables PriceMeter’s users to create shopping lists and have price estimations for when they are shopping offline. It also gives real time price updates meaning you always get the latest prices. Moreover for easier shopping, offers exclusive collections, which facilitates users to look more closely into a specific product that they are considering to purchase and find the best rates from several stores across all big and small brands in Pakistan. is fairly simple to use. All you have to do is search for your desired product in the search bar, and you’ll get pages worth of products, with their price listed below them. If you click on any individual item, you’ll get product descriptions, the number of offers they have, reviews and even international prices.

PriceMeter’s Intelligent AI automatically selects and displays the most relevant searches at the best prices, filtering out any unnecessary search results. And it does not stop there, PriceMeter’s state of the art price trackers keep track of discounts and price hikes, giving you historical data and price trends, so that retailers don’t fool you in the name of fake ‘discounts’.

For store owners and marketers, provides the best place to compare prices and product lines with other brands and stores to create the best offers and competitive pricing.

A search on takes a fraction of second to show all the results of identical items from more than 1200 online stores making it easy for the consumers to get efficient results in almost no time rather than browsing through multiple websites and still not getting satisfactory results. So next time you are looking for a deal, instead of using general search engines for price estimation, use, state-of-the-art ‘bachat ka search engine’ for better and efficient results.