TECNO Camon series; Hype up your Photography Game

Technology is evolving by leaps and bounds. Some 20 years ago, phones had only one purpose-to communicate. And now, smartphones have become a complete package. Whether you want to download books, watch movies, or capture great photos, one smartphone does it all. They have largely replaced expensive bulky cameras by bringing great photography features. 

TECNO is one such smartphone brand that is revolutionizing mobile photography through its Camon Series. Nobody wants the hassle of carrying cameras on their trekking or hiking adventures. This is why Camon smartphones have made our lives easier and more fun!

With TECNO Camon Series, you can capture sweet moments of your life on the go. The latest, Camon 19 series will be launched in Pakistan soon and we can’t wait to get our hands on this one.

Here are some of the cutting-edge innovative camera features TECNO has brought so far with its Camon series.

  • Gimbal Camera System

TECNO recently introduced this enhanced stabilization technology in Camon 18 Premier. The Gimbal Camera System offers flexible 3D stabilization which allows you to make stable videos. With an enhanced stabilization angle of ±3º, Gimbal Camera System lets you make videos even with an unsteady or shaky hand.

This is such a massive revolution in mobile photography. Now you can shoot your outdoor adventures, travel-logs, and make quirky videos on the go. And they’ll turn out great!

  • 60x Hyper Zoom

Camon 18 Premier is equipped with a 60x Hyper zoom with which you can take clear images of far-off objects like the moon!

We’ve all wanted to take clear photos of the moon but our phones couldn’t capture the beauty. TECNO has employed the Galileo Algorithm Engine in Camon 18 Premier. You can capture aesthetic moonshots through the Moon probe feature. It is a ground-breaking top-notch software that lets you take detailed photos with increased efficiency. Moreover, this feature will also help you get clear pictures of faraway objects like buildings or mountains.

  • Clearest Selfie Camera

As for the selfie-lovers, Camon 17 Pro is a game-changer. It has a 48 MP Clearest Selfie Camera powered by TAIVOS.

TECNO’s AI Vision Optimization Solution-TAIVOS is the industry’s leading camera solution. This intelligent technology uses AI lenses and enhances camera functions. Through this technology, you can take clearer and better selfies, detailed macro shots, and stable videos with anti-shake mode. 

TECNO never ceases to amaze photography enthusiasts with these outstanding features. 

  • Super Night Portrait Mode

You don’t have to limit yourself to daytime photography. With specified night photography features, Camon smartphones take equally clear photos in the dark.

Camon 17 has Super Night Portrait mode. It uses a bigger photosensitive sensor to capture low-light photos without making them grainy. You can use the night video mode as well; the results are fantastic. 

Camon 16 Pro offers Ultra Night Portrait as well. It has a 64 MP main lens and a 2 MP Ultra Night Video-shoot lens. There’s absolutely no need to capture portraits and videos in daylight only. Some scenes are best captured at night and only the best Camera technology can do that.

All-in-all, TECNO employs all the best features on its phones so you can experiment with your photography anytime you want. This is why Camon 19 is much anticipated among consumers and we can’t wait to try how this phone will turn out.