Soneri Bank Employees Participated in a Tree Plantation Drive at Turtle Beach

Karachi  (Muhammad Yasir) Marketing and Green Banking Departments organized a plantation drive for Soneri Bank employees in collaboration with WWF Pakistan. 130 employees participated in a Green Banking workshop and a mangrove plantation drive at Turtle Beach Karachi followed by lunch and a group activity session.

The initiative brought together Soneri Bank employees from various units and engaged them in taking steps to improve the environment through volunteer tree plantation. It also provided an educational experience along with the opportunity to do something positive for the local community in an open, friendly environment which has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. Mr. Shahrukh Alam, Head of Operational Risk and Green Banking stated “We strive to mitigate the decreasing forest-cover, strengthen communities that are dependent on natural resources, and also brace Pakistan against environmental deterioration.”

Through such activities Soneri Bank continues its vision to contribute towards a greener and cleaner Pakistan for ourselves, for the people of Pakistan, and the upcoming generations.

Roshan Har Qadam!