Sindh Legal Advisory Call Centre Launched

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir The Law Department, Government of Sindh has launched the “Sindh Legal Advisory Call Centre (SLACC)” under a project titled the Legal Empowerment of People Programme in Sindh (LEPPS). The SLACC was launched by Barrister Murtaza Wahab, Advisor for Law, Government of Sindh and Mr. Shariq Ahmed, Secretary Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Sindh.

The SLACC provides free of cost legal advice and information to citizens on a toll-free number managed directly by experienced and well-trained High Court Advocates. The service and quality assurance of the legal advice is managed by Justice Arif Khilji, a retired Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

All calls are kept confidential and private. The helpline, unlike other manually managed helplines, works on a fully automated and sophisticated and distinctive call receiving and management system based on the popularly deployed Avaya Telephony System which has been customized to record metrics relating to socio-economic demographics in addition to the content of the query and the solution provided.

The SLACC has received over 150,000 calls from all over Pakistan and is easily accessible to any citizen in the country. It is a gift to the people of Pakistan from the Government of Sindh.Any person across Pakistan is welcome to call the SLACC for any legal matter or illegality occurring whether civil, criminal, public service related such as: Ghost schools operating in the area; Police refusing to register a FIR; Need for emergency support to a victim of violence; Understanding the legal procedure of an on-going case; Understanding your rights in matters of rent; How to apply for a CNIC or amend your CNIC; What are one’s rights in divorce, maintenance, custody and guardianship; Understanding how and where to report corruption, whilst protecting yourself; and To understand legal remedies available where a citizen is not able to access their socio-economic rights such as water, electricity etc.

The SLACC will not only respond to your legal query within 24 hours of the call with correct legal advice and information, but will also strive to connect the caller with the relevant Government Department or service provider as may be required for relief.

The automated nature of the SLACC will not only ensure the accuracy of legal information given, but also allow for monitoring of quality and most importantly, once tabulated and analyzed it will allow for the Government of Sindh to better understand the legal needs of the people and design informed and evidence-based projects and programs to respond to them.

The SLACC will be run in collaboration with the Legal Aid Society which is a not for profit chaired by Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid, which has been managing the helpline since 2014.The primarygoal of is: Improving access to legal advice and information to empower the people of Sindh, particularly poor, disempowered and marginalised.

The programme links closely with the primary objectives of Sindh Government of improved governance, improved access to justice and access to information for the citizens of Pakistan.