Shan Foods partners with Citizens Archives of Pakistan for CAP Family Carnival 2023

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)

Shan Foods joined hands with the Citizens Archives of Pakistan (CAP) to sponsor its annual fund raising event, CAP Family Carnival, held at the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi.

The Citizens Archives of Pakistan (CAP), founded in 2007, is the only not-for-profit organisation dedicated towards preserving the history and culture of the country, building and maintaining archives, and designing educational tools to raise awareness and instill pride in ordinary Pakistani citizens.

CAP Family Carnival is the NGO’s yearly fundraising event, aimed at raising funds for its core projects, while also sharing a snippet of its archive and providing avenues of education, entertainment, and engagement for all generations of the family. The event presented an interactive exhibition curated entirely from the CAP archive that explored 75 Years of Pakistan through the lens of heritage and culture. Through the exhibit, students got an opportunity to learn about everything from the folklore of the region to Pakistan’s firsts, including the making of Pakistan’s first flag, and the designing of the national currency and emblems. Additionally, several immersive activities on innovations in science and film were also available and visitors got a chance to take pictures with one of Pakistan’s only Oscars. The carnival also brought an exciting lineup of retail in the CAP Carnival Bazaar and an exciting food street, including several vendors who designed special products especially for the carnival.

Maria Rashdi, Head of Corporate Communication and PR Shan Foods, while commenting on Shan Foods’ sponsorship of the Carnival, said, “Education, inside and outside of a classroom, is a cause that is immensely close to our hearts. The Citizens Archive of Pakistan is doing some remarkable work in educating our youth with inspirational stories from our history while empowering them with the richness of our culture and heritage. We are extremely proud to be partnering up for an event that, for long, has been a must-visit for the people of Karachi – with a taste of Shan added on this time”.

Expressing her views, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Patron-in-Chief at the Citizens Archive of Pakistan, said, “We have worked tirelessly to educate and spread awareness about the history and culture of Pakistan to its people. We appreciate Shan Foods for taking part in this venture which will keep the prestige of our country alive in the hearts of our people.”

The CAP Family Carnival was last held in 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic, and was attended by thousands of people from all walks and corners of Karachi.