Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Shaan-e-Pakistan music awards to be held in Lahore on March 22-2019. Singers from Pakistan,India, UK, and Bangladesh will participate in it.

Talking to a News Update Times Huma Nassr said that Shaan-e-Pakistan is a cultural event that features music, food and fashion not only in pakistan but from different countries. We create a platform where we achieve a common ground and keep aside the differences. She talked further that Shaan-e-pakistan is not just a project for her , it always has been her dream to provide a platform for people who passionate in what ever that.She said that Shaan-e-Pakistan is not spreading art but spreading ideology.Both Pakistan and Indian singers are excited for this event.

Bollywood singer Rekha Bhardwaj will visit Pakistan to grace Shaan-e-Pakistan music awards. In a video message  she said ” I am super excited once again to be a part of this collaboration”.

Pakistani Singer Teena Sani express her excitement in a video message she said “I am so happy that Shaan-e-Pakistan is happening in pakistan. we welcome to Rekha Bhardwaj  to come to pakistan. We want to showcase the talent that both the countries have. She thanked to Humma Nassr to provide the opportunity to showcase our music to the world”.

Shaan-e-Pakistan serves as a platform for India and Paksitan fashion,life style and music to showcase their craft as a means to create further awareness of the cultural effectiveness  of the subcontinent to strengthen the bond between the two countries.