SEPMA International USA Launches Soulful RABB Track

SEPMA International USA Launches Soulful RABB Track, Spreading a Message of Peace on Eid SEPMA Music takes its Cause and Movement to Next Level Internationally.

New York (Nut Desk) SEPMA International USA, the renowned cultural platform dedicated to promoting music and recognizing talented musicians, is thrilled to announce the soft launch of its latest musical masterpiece, “RABB.” Sung by the incredibly talented Indian singer Nirmala Meghani, and our home-grown amazing Shafqat Amanat Ali, with the legendary Kamran Akhtar doing the master mix to support the journey of Rabb, this soul-stirring composition is set to captivate listeners around the world. With a vision to elevate music to the next level and foster a sense of unity, Zillay Huma, the creative brain behind “RABB” is planning to launch #RoadToJashneSEPMA later this year in which musicians will be invited to participate in an international competition and have the opportunity to be one of seven outstanding winners. In her statement, Zillay Huma expressed the desire to bridge cultural disparities, and emphasized that, regardless of differences, people round the world share the same emotions. She said, “Let’s cherish the world’s music and let’s recognize the musicians of Pakistan through SEPMA, the only cultural platform which has been working sincerely for the past seven years to promote music. RABB, a musical masterpiece that promises to touch the souls of listeners and evoke a profound sense of tranquility and togetherness is harbinger of the celebration to look forward to.”

7 years of Cultural Celebration.

• This time seven award winners will be recognized Internationally and celebrated in Pakistan. • SEPMA invites the music fraternity to rise and join the biggest celebration of the year.

• Date and venue to be announced soon.

• Let’s make music a lucrative business and enjoin upon all veteran musicians to fulfil their responsibilities by joining this Music League meant to support upcoming musicians.

• Last date for submission of forms of Music for SEPMA Awards is 17th July ’23.

• To participate in the competition click the link below and fill the form:

SEPMA Foundation Donate generously to support the cause of SEPMA! Music is bread and butter for many artistes. All charity given to the Foundation will help support deserving talents to fulfill their dreams and get the opportunity to excel. Charity is accepted only in USA. (Audited accounts will be provided.) SEPMA encourages all musicians to submit their music and participate in the celebration. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements on the #RoadToPeace and #RoadToJashneSepma. Let the enchanting melodies of “RABB” resonate in your heart and unite us all in the pursuit of harmony.