Samsung still leads smartphone market amid Note 7 misfortune

SEOUL: Samsung still leads the global smartphone market in the third quarter despite a massive recall that tarnished the South Korean giant’s image.

Samsung had a 20% market share in the quarter – well ahead of number two vendor Apple, according to reports from Strategy Analytics. The electronics giant discontinued its Galaxy Note 7 after its replacement devices faced the same problems of batteries overheating and bursting into flames.

“Samsung’s market dominance in the third quarter was unchallenged in the short term even with this high-profile Galaxy Note 7 recall but the longer term impact on the Samsung brand remains to be seen,” IDC Analyst Melissa Chau said.

Strategy Analytics reported that Samsung sold over 75 million handsets in a global market of 375 million units, while IDC estimated the Samsung sold over 72 million pieces in a total market of 363 million.

The overall smartphone sales were up just 1% from last year, according to IDC, while the Strategy Analytics report pegged the increase at 6%.