S I Global Solutions Upgrades Cranes in Deep-Sea Container Port

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

S I Global Solutions has achieved unprecedented success by upgrading cranes at Deep Sea container port with a state-of-the-art advanced surveillance system and the latest technology to bring efficiency in port operations such as cargo and shipment handling.

The project will enhance the accuracy of container movement from large-sized vessels at the terminal to its cargo storage and reduce the time of overall operations significantly. The project will also reduce the time of container loading and offloading from the vessels at Deep Sea Container Port.

On the accomplishment of this project, CEO S I Global Solutions Noman Ahmed Said stated, “The upgradation of the RTG cranes at Deep Sea Container Port is the testament that the port sector in Pakistan is highly strategic and advanced on the technology front. He stated that S I Global Solutions is the Pakistani company to have achieved this task at international standards, which shows the potential and capacity of the local company in the technological area. This was the first ever project of its kind in Pakistan and more projects are likely in the near future.”
The success of Si Global can also be attributed to its strong leadership, which has steered the ship with wisdom and foresight. By fostering a culture of collaboration, creativity, and empowerment, the company has nurtured an environment where everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued, leading to continuous improvement and breakthrough achievements, Noman Said added.

Klaus Liu, Country Manager Hikvision said, “As the technology partner we have worked with S I Global Solutions to achieve the landmark achievement in Pakistan’s biggest part which is an honor for our company. We wish to work in Pakistan as an important neighbour and friendly state.”

S I Global Solutions celebrates this remarkable milestone with its commitment to its mission of driving innovation, pushing boundaries, and delivering unparalleled value to its customers. With a clear vision for the future, S I Global is poised to continue its trajectory of success, cementing its place as an industry leader. Already S I Global has over 600 customers in leading Pakistan in the global arena as a market leader in digital marketing.