Rupali Foods to launch Whistlez

Karachi – Rupali Foods is proud to announce the launch of its newest brand, Whistlez, which is the realization of our commitment to our consumers. This brand stands for quality in everything that we do and all that we hope to achieve. And whatever we do, we do it for a reason – to give added value in terms of taste, hygiene, recipe and affordability.
Whistlez aims to deliver fun-filled moments with a whole range of mesmerizingly delicious biscuits; biscuits that brighten up your life, and refresh it altogether. Our products are made for those who live their life to the fullest; people who are the heart of all parties, and who are always ready to try something new every day. This is evident from the brand tagline, “Chalo Pehl Karein!” which is a call for action for everyone to take the first step into a whole new world of excitement and fun. Novelty and innovation is right at the heart of our mission: we’re always looking for novel ways of giving customers a new treat to enjoy every single day by ensuring that when they choose Whistlez as their preferred snacking option, they get the real taste, hygiene and quality they truly deserve.
Whistlez Biscuits come in 6 amazing flavours, from the ever popular Peanut Cookies and Butter Cookies, children’s favourite Jolly Jam Sandwiches and Milk+ Biscuits, to new variations of traditional tastes in the form of Suji Cookies and Cake Rusks, so that customers can experience pure joy with great taste that they won’t be forgetting any time soon.