Reckitt Benckiser and Metro – Cash and Carry join hands for Dettol’s Global Handwashing Day Campaign ‘Letter for Life’

Lahore – Dettol, one of the leading brands of Reckitt Benckiser (RB), celebrated the Global Handwashing Day with their campaign ‘Letter for Life’ this week. The main objective of this campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of handwashing with soap, and how a small act of handwashing can prevent diseases like diarrhea and decrease the infant mortality rate.

The activity took place in Metro – Cash and Carry in Lahore where children gathered to create paper soaps for children in rural areas who do not have access to these basic facilities. Apart from the activity carried out in the store, speeches were given out by representatives from both RB and Metro. Akbar Ali Shah, Sales Director RB Pakistan stated, “Cleanliness is essential for a child’s health and development, and on this year’s Global Handwashing Day, our aim was not only to educate children about cleanliness, but also provide them with appropriate facilities so that we can bring a change in their lives kyun ke thori si tabdeeli se Hoga Saaf Pakistan!”

Pervaiz Akhtar, Director Corporate Affairs, Metro Habib Cash & Carry Pakistan, stated, “It is an honor to be part of Dettol’s Global Handwashing Day campaign. Cleanliness is imperative to a child’s health, and we are glad we could help take their cause forward.”

Giovanni Sorenzo, Head of Commercial, Metro Habib Cash & Carry, stated, “I firmly believe in Dettol’s cause to spread awareness about the importance of cleanliness to children in rural areas as even in this time and age, children are dying because of diseases like diarrhea.”