QNET pledges commitment to sustainable development on World Environment Day

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) QNET, prominent e-commerce based direct selling company, reiterated its commitment to sustainability on the occasion of the World Environment Day. It raised awareness about the plethora of worldwide initiatives it has undertaken and its strategy for sustainable products.

The company has a long history of engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities around the world through its CSR arm, the RYTHM Foundation (which stands for ‘Raise Yourself to Help Mankind’) to promote sustainable development. The company has also pledged to exclusively choose partners that adhere to the highest standards of quality and eco-friendly practices.

QNET has recently been notable for its advocacy of sustainable water development and active participation in conferences around the world on water issues.

Commenting on this, Ms. Malou Caluza, the CEO of QNET, said, “Our mission is to continuously advocate for our employees, distributors, and partners to integrate sustainable living within their day-to-day lives. We must continue actioning that message to leave a better world for the next generation.”

In 2020 and 2021, it was the main sponsor for the Arab Water Forum organised by the Arab Water Council (AWC). AWC is a non-profit organisation headquartered in Egypt that aims to raise awareness on water resource management challenges and enhance water and sanitation services in the Arab region.

In addition, QNET has also sponsored and participated in Cairo Water Week for three years in a row where its HomePure Nova water filtration products were recognised for supporting the local water scarcity strategy, reducing electricity use, and minimising resource wastage.

This year, QNET had an active presence at the 9th World Water Forum, taking place in Dakar, Senegal, from 21st to 26th March, and coinciding with Earth Hour.

QNET launched a global campaign through the RYTHM Foundation to advocate for water security and sustainability around the world. One such project was the company’s initiative, in partnership with Water for Africa (WFA) to provide clean water to rural Tanzania by building wells with the first water well, built in the Mtwango village in the Mifindi district providing clean, safe water supply for close to 2000 people.

QNET also donates their HomePure Nova water filters to increase access to clean water in these regions. “In line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, QNET pioneered the HomePure Nova water filtration range,” said Ms. Caluza.

She added, “It (HomePure Nova water filters) does not use single-use plastic, minimises water wastage and does not require electricity to run, which makes it an ideal solution for homes and communities looking for guilt-free, sustainable, and easy access to clean water.”

To combat climate change and deforestation, QNET partnered with Ecomatcher to launch the Green Legacy Program in 2021. The goal of this program is to plant a global forest with at least 10,000 trees by the end of 2022. The first phase of this reforestation initiative saw a total of 3,000 trees planted in Kenya, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates. The global initiative has sequestered 22.1 Tonnes of CO2 to date and is expected to sequester a total of 750 Tonnes over the lifetime of the forest.

Further, QNET has announced plans to eliminate all plastic from product packaging and exclusively use sustainable materials by 2025.

To that end, Bernhard H. Mayer (BHM), QNET’s luxury watch brand, is implementing cruelty-free, vegan leather straps in their BHM Lurve watches. The brand is best known for its high precision craftsmanship in precious metals and a long heritage of traditional, yet modern Swiss timepieces

Besides using vegan leather, BHM is careful about sourcing all raw materials used in its products and ensures they are all ethically sourced and packaged in a modern and environmentally friendly manner. “We collaborate with suppliers who are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. It is the leading ethical standard within the jewellery industry. They make sure to respect the RJC’s Code of Practices, which again means: Ecology, labour rights, mining practices, operational integrity, equitable production, and responsible supply chain management,” said Ms. Caluza.

Speaking about the quality of Bernhard H. Mayer products, she said, “Bernhard H. Mayer’s “Timeless Tanzanite Collection” features exceptionally rare gems and all of them have been ethically and sustainably mined; in addition to supporting employees’ livelihood and the local Tanzanian mining industry.”

Additionally, QNET watches collection are thoughtfully stored and packaged in modern yet environmentally friendly boxes. The company continue to keep environmental sustainability at the forefront of its packaging habits, to limit the impact on climate change as well as encourage its patrons to also play an active role in championing a zero-carbon and climate-resilient world.

Ms. Caluza stated, “We are drawing a new path between sustainability and luxury, and we should absolutely use it. As I keep saying it is important for us to work with people who are responsible, fair, and ethical since this is an integral part of our business core values. We strive to deliver more than high-quality products.”