To achieve excellence in the organizational culture, a company needs to provide a healthy & engaging work environment that motivates and encourages its employees by providing a platform that shows its appreciation for their hard work. A great example of this is the Champions Program, an in-house initiative taken by PTCL.

The PTCL Champions Program was launched at the beginning of 2018 to acknowledge the hard work of those front-line employees, who have shown exceptional performance in their respective fields.

Each line manager receives a kit in the beginning of the year, which includes tokens of appreciation, for example thank you cards, PTCL badges and caps. These tokens are presented to departmental Champions by their line managers. The pictures taken during the ceremony are posted on Workplace (Facebook@Work) to internally promote the Champions.

The main aim of this program is to give recognition to these silent warriors in various departments. These front-line workers always go the extra mile, not only serving the external customers, but also the internal stakeholders.

A quarterly event is organized inviting all the departments to recognize PTCL Champions at a larger scale, within the regions and, at Headquarters. Champions are called on stage in front of their colleagues, where their line managers talk about their achievements.

Presently, approximately 7,500 employees nationwide have been rewarded through this program. Recognition at this level gives a sense of pride to the winners and motivates other employees to perform even better.

Recently, PTCL Champions were recognized for their performance in Q4 2018.Champions was presented with cash prizes and gifts for their contribution to the company’s success.

This program has considerably increased individual productivity, enhanced engagement amongst employees, thus contributing towards a positive work environment.