Professors (R) Pervaiz Vandal and Sajida Haider Vandal honoured with lifetime achievement awards by the Canadian Ramgarhia Society.

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

Canadian Ramgarhia Society has honoured Pakistan’s legend architects and educationists professor Pervaiz Vandal and professor Sajida Haider Vandal with lifetime achievement awards for their research work (book) in highlighting the architectural legacy of Punjab’s foremost architect Bhai Ram Singh. Both the architects were nominated for awards in August 2022 on the occasion of the 164th birthday celebrations of Bhai Ram Singh by prominent Sikh Scholar Jaiteg Singh Anant head of Hardarshan memorial International Trust Canada.

The dignities of Canadian Ramgarhia Society including president Dharam Singh Panesar, head of Hardarshan memorial International Trust Canada Jaiteg Singh Anant and Punjabi Poet Surindar Singh Jabal (Public Relations Officer), Avtar Singh Adampuri specially visited America’s city Seatle this week, to bestowed the honours to professor Pervaiz Vandal, who is in United States these days to meet his Son and Family.

Professor Pervaiz Vandal thanked the Canadian Ramgarhia Society for special honour and said that this award will be cherished as a great memory as it is associated with Bhai Ram Singh, one of the greatest architect of British Punjab era and remembered as architect of modern Lahore. He paid glowing tribute to Bhai Ram Singh for his rich architectural legacy and outstanding work, which is still alive and visible in the form of beautiful arches, domes, brackets, pavilions, Jalis as his signature elements for various monumental buildings of Lahore and India. He also mentioned the cultural similarities and interfaith harmony between Muslim and Sikhs, which resulted in a peaceful atmosphere of co existing in Punjab for centuries. Canadian Ramgarhia Society also presented him books entitled “Ramgarhia Virasat” and “Chacha Vancouveria” written by S. Surindar Singh Jabal, Public relations officer of Canadian Ramgarhia Society. Prominent Punjabi poets Hardam Singh Mann, Avtar Singh Adampuri, his wife, and Pervaiz Vandal’s son were also present.

Jaiteg Singh Anant presented his tribute to Pervaiz Vandal for his great services as former Pro Vice Chancellor of the Institute of Art and Culture and CEO Thaap. He said Pervez Vandal has contributed immensely in the field of architecture and achieved the status of a legend among his peers. Professor Sajida Haider Vandal needs no introduction as she is a proud recipient of the French civil award “Chevalier de I’Ordre des Arts er Letters”, which reflects her immense contributions in the field Arts & Culture and heritage preservation. He praised the book of Perviaz vandal and Sajida Haider Vandal and also talked about the rich legacy of Bhai Ram Singh as master architect of Khalsa College Amritsar, inner design of Darbar Hall England, Senate Hall of Punjab University Lahore, Aitchison College, Christian College Lahore, Aitchison hospital, New Railway theatre Lahore and other buildings in Shimla, Amritsar, and other parts of India etc.

Public relations officer of Canadian Ramgarhia Society, S Surindar Singh Jabal acknowledged the research work of Pr. Pervaiz and Sajida Vandal’s on Bhai Ram Singh and said their research is very commendable for Sikh heritage and Diaspora. He added that their book entitled “Raaj Lahore and Bhai Ram Singh” is a prestigious contribution for all Sikh community living around the globe and Canadian Ramgarhia Society feels privileged for awarding such an authentic research work. Dharam Singh Panesar , head Canadian Ramgarhia Society, congratulated the receiving awards and said Sikh and Muslim shared common social customs & traditions and have lived peacefully for centuries in Punjab. He said that Pervaiz Vandal, along with Sajida Vandal, have achieved distinct place in Eastern Punjab for their precious research work on legend architect Bhai Ram Singh.