Private Tournament

Lahore (Sadiq Balouch) – This is to notify that a Private Tournament by the name of Karachi Premier League, organized by Mr. Moiz Bin Zahid has NOTbeen officially sanctioned/approved by the Tournament Evaluation Committee (TEC) of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and pursuant to the Pakistan Cricket Board (Rules For Private Cricket Events), 2012 falls within the ambit of “Disapproved Cricket”. Therefore if any; i. Cricketer; ii. Coach, Trainer, Manager, Selector, Team Owner or Official, Doctor, Physiotherapist (a “Player Support Personnel”) iii. Match Referee, Pitch Curator, Player Agent, Umpire or Umpire Support Personnel affiliated with PCB; Or any person employed with PCB participates in the above mentioned Tournament, they may be liable to Disciplinary Action being taken against them in accordance with applicable Rules & Regulations.