President for promoting tele-medicine and tele-health services in Pakistan

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

President Dr Arif Alvi has called for promoting tele-medicine and tele-healthcare platforms to improve the outreach of healthcare services to low-income areas of the country. He said that digital platforms could enhance the reach of health services to far-flung areas, besides providing timely advice to people and helping promote preventive healthcare solutions in Pakistan.

The President made these remarks while addressing a ceremony titled “Spirit of Female Entrepreneurship and Medical Leadership of Female Doctors” organised by Sehat Kahani, in Karachi. Sehat Kahani’s CEO, Sara Saeed Khurram, COO & Co-founder of Sehat Kahani, Dr Iffat Zafar, and other medical professionals working in the field of tele-healthcare services attended the event.

Addressing the event, the President said that nations failed due to lack of education and health facilities, adding that Pakistan needed to focus more on disease-prevention rather than curing the diseases. He also regretted that 28 million children were out of the school in the country.

The President highlighted that women in our country faced different hurdles in society towards their participation in mainstream economic activities. He stressed the role of institutions in creating greater opportunities to empower and educate women.

President Dr Arif Alvi appreciated Sehat Kahani’s active role in transforming the society with better opportunities for female doctors. He also acknowledged Sehat Kahani’s role for providing a pathway for women to serve their country, besides lauding their focus on tele-medicine and tele-health care services.

The President said that communication was the key to bringing betterment to society. He also emphasized initiating conversations at home as a step towards the solutions of issues such as mental health and well-being and other health related issues.

He said that the government launched a helpline through an application titled ‘Hamraaz’ to meet the challenge of mental health and the people, who were facing mental illness or any depression condition could use it. He said that Hamraaz was launched during the tenure of the previous government.

The President also presented shields to the doctors in the field of medicine, from various specialisations, serving all across Pakistan for their exceptional work and dedication to the field of medicine.

Sehat Kahani CEO and co-founder, Dr Sara Saeed Khurram, celebrating the remarkable achievements of Female Entrepreneurship and Medical Leadership of Female Doctors, said that Sehat Kahani was started to provide female doctors with the opportunity to serve their country. She said that Sehat Kahani – the digital healthcare organisation – not only connected patients to the doctors in Pakistan using its app but also had e-clinics nationwide serving underserved communities. The platform provides individual consultations, corporate and mental health solutions, online diagnostics, and e-pharmacy, she added.