PPAF engages local government &administration of KP for the uplift of communites

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The Livelihood Support and Promotion of Small Community Infrastructure Programme (LACIP) organised the first meeting ofDistrict Development Forum (DDF,) at Deputy Commissioner office in district Buner, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The forum aims to conduct periodic and systematic follow-up and monitoring of projects that are being implemented by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund throughLACIP. Second phase of LACIP, with thetotal outlay of Euro 10 million from the Federal Republic of Germany through KfW is implementing the project. The objective is to improve general living conditions in the districts, through a reduction in vulnerabilities to disasters, improvement in quality of life and better income generating opportunities. The programme has particular focus on inclusion of women and the destitute and disabled members of the communities.

DDF was established by the provincial government of KP in 2014 as a result of efforts by PPAF, to ensure development funding for communities by donors is not duplicated. 

The meeting was attended by the elected Nazims of thedistrict, tehsil and village councils, Assistant Commissioner of Tehsil Daggar, representatives of local government departments, KfW, NRSP, PPAF and NEC consultants.

Mr. Shafiullah Khan, Deputy Commissioner, Buner chaired the meeting along with Dr.Ubaidullah Khan, District Nazim, Buner. Two assistance commissioners, 14 officials from village councils, 4 district councillors and District Nazims were also in attendance. Mr. Shuakat Ali, Coordinator Governance, KfW, Mr. Muhammad Nadeem, Sr. General Manager, PPAF, Mr. Saeed Raza, Regional Program Officer, NRSP andMr. AzherUddin NEC/KfW Consultant were also present on the occasion.

Mr. Muhammad Nadeem, Sr. General Manager, PPAF offered the district government and administration to jointly plan, finance and execute large infrastructure projects so that benefits could be maximised for local stakeholders.

Mr. Shafiullah Khan, Deputy Commissioner, Buner expressed his gratitude to KfW and PPAF for allocating substantial funds for socio-economic development of district Buner. He assured the support of local government and administration for smooth execution of projects in the respective villages. The district administration and government will carry out development activities related to poverty alleviation and building social capital in selected union councils of the district.

LACIP’s Phase-I helped in economic uplift of nearly 600,000 poor beneficiaries by the provision of productive community infrastructure and asset transfer meant to increase living standard and impart good governance. Phase-II is designed to benefit around 150,000 persons through infrastructure development, asset transfer and building linkages with local government.