PFMA organized Pakistan’s first Shoe Designers Graduation ceremony in Lahore

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Pakistan Footwear Manufacturer Association (PFMA) organized Pakistan’s first Shoe designers’ graduation ceremony in Lahore after the first batch of Pakistan Shoe Design Hub (PSDH) successfully graduated from the institutions. This studio has been developed by the financial support of the World Bank, Government of Pakistan in collaboration with PISIC, CDI, UNIDO and with expertise of Italian organizations, ASSOMA and PISIE. The Ceremony is followed by orientation seminar that is attended by TVET Chairman Mr. Ali Salman Siddique, Government senior delegates and Chairman PFMA Mr. Zahid Hussain along with stakeholders to get an update on development progress of the Shoe manufacturing sector.

This design studio is providing services and training to footwear SMEs and larger manufacturers in Pakistan with an objective to train local shoe manufacturers to apply latest technological tools and techniques in creating innovative designs of their finished products to make them more competitive for International and national market. PSDH offers various courses and workshops in the field of Shoe Master classic, Shoes Master power, Shoes Master creative, Mood Board development, Design collections development, trend forecasting & market intelligence, traditional & digital shoes design courses to enhance the skills of Shoes manufacturing workforce.

TVET Chairman Mr. Ali Salman Siddique while attending the ceremony appreciated the PFMA efforts in transforming the Shoes industry in Pakistan. He further said “PSDH making a real difference in creating a highly skillful workforce to bring our local Shoes industry at par with International standards and leading towards becoming the export-oriented sector of Pakistan. Their application of latest tools and techniques helping local producers to develop quality products for local and international consumers.  TVET and Government will continue to support such efforts aligned with PM ‘s vision of “Made in Pakistan”.

 PFMA Chairman Mr. Zahid Hussain shared his gratitude on TVET chairman positive views and added that “PFMA continues its all efforts geared towards “Made in Pakistan” vision by enabling local producers to become self-sufficient in terms of Technology and Raw material and reduce reliance on import. Since our inception, we have successfully developed required infrastructure for the local industry to thrive on and facilitated them with the modern technological tools from foreign investors to become leading exporters in the world. We are thankful to the current Government and concerned authorities for providing us with best possible support to grow and make this shoe industry attractive for investors”.