Pakistani Teams Gear up for 6th Huawei ICT Competition Global Final

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) This marks the sixth iteration of the Huawei ICT Middle East Global Competition in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The competition is a Huawei annual ICT initiative, designed to nurture global ICT talent. On 23rd, December 2021, winners for the Middle East regional finals were announced and Pakistan’s team one won first prize of 20,000 USD. Not only so, the second prize was also grabbed by Pakistan’s team two. 150,000 students from 2000 universities located in 85 countries/regions have participated in the 6th iteration of the competition.

The competition, set to be hosted in Shenzhen and conducted online, consists of the opening ceremony, launch conference, closing ceremony, practice competition and the innovation competition. The practice competition focuses on the participants’ knowledge and skills. It adopts the written exam and the lab exam, and the ranking is based on the exam score. It is divided into two tracks: network and cloud.

The innovation competition focuses on the participants’ comprehensive capabilities. The competition adopts the network evaluation mechanism. Participants are required to design works or solutions with commercial and social benefits by using new ICT such as AI, IoT, big data, and Cloud.

2021-2022 Regional finals winners, Pakistan’s team; Sateesh Kumar, Iqra Fatima, and Bhagchand Meghwar along with their instructor Dr. Faheem Yar Khuhawar and team two; Hafiz Rizwan, Adnan Ali, and Mukhtar Memon along with their instructor will be participating in the practice competition.


 These students hail from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Islamiya University Bahawalpur and, UET Lahore and Virtual University.

In the Innovation Competition, two further teams from Pakistan will be competinghave been nominated this year. Osman Ahsan Sheikh, Muhammad Abdullah Ahsan Sheikh, Aqsa Amir and their instructor Merai Syed represent team ‘Homevism’, comprised of students from National Incubation Center, NUST. The second team from LUMS consist of Umer Farooq, Tabish Rafiq, Areej Ahmed and their instructor Muhammad Saeed from National Incubation Center, LUMS.

The ME Regional Winner team instructor Dr. Faheem Yar Khuhawar statement:”Back in 2017, I attended a short ICT training organized by Huawei to prepare instructors for ICT Academy to be established at various universities of Pakistan. Since then, i have been providing training to undergraduate and graduate student to getpromote Huawei’s Certification in Routing and Switching Track. InSince 2019 and in- 2020, Pakistaniour students came to the levelhave excelled in the  of Middle-East and Global Finals and won the competition. This year too, Pakistani studentsthey have secured won Huawei’s ICT Competition 2021—Middle East with first and second positionin the Middle East stage. It is a privilege and honor for Pakistan to earn the place into represent Pakistan in Huawei’s ICT Competition 2021 – Global Final happening in June, 2022.”

The Global Finals set under the theme of ‘I. C. The Future Foreseeable’ and ‘I. C. The Future You at the Center’ is set to take place between the 17th and 19th of June.

The competition has always been well received in Pakistan as it promotes innovation and creativity while serving as a link between the classroom and the professional workplace. By nurturing university students’ talent in Pakistan, it also contributes to increasing national ICT competitiveness while enhancing digital transformation efforts.