Pakistan Launches Three Groundbreaking Initiatives Through The Efforts of Hisaar Foundation

Karachi  (Muhammad Yasir)

In the wake of the recently concluded 6th Karachi International Water Conference, organized by Hisaar Foundation (HF) in association with Infra Zamin Pakistan and other partners, Pakistan has taken a significant leap by unveiling three essential initiatives aimed at addressing pressing water and climate challenges. The two-day conference, a testament to Hisaar Foundation’s persistent dedication to water-related issues in Pakistan served as a spark for these transformative endeavors, culminating in a Declaration that proposed the launch of these three initiatives, and within a month of the Conference, the proposal has been brought to fruition by HF. The first of the initiatives announced is the establishment of a National Panel on Water. Simi Kamal, Chairperson Hisaar Foundation, highlighted the significance of this move, stating, “An international panel on climate change came into being with a few thousand scientists, whose collective wisdom has propelled the discussion on climate change over the last two decades. However, there was nothing like that on water. The first step towards this end is being taken in Pakistan by Hisaar Foundation with the formation of the National Panel on Water. The panel is composed of Hisaar Foundation’s Think Tank on Rational Use of Water, which has been operating since 2014. Its members, comprising independent researchers, academics, activists, policy-makers, professors and strategists, will constitute the core of the panel.” This diverse group is poised to provide comprehensive insights and solutions to the complex water challenges faced by Pakistan. The second initiative is the launch of Youth Water Network by Hisaar Foundation. Says Sanaa Baxamoosa, Director External Relations HF, “Hisaar Foundation believes that mainstreaming youth in water management is crucial for ensuring sustainable and effective solutions to the world’s water challenges. Young people bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, to address complex water issues. Hisaar Foundation in partnership with IWA YWP Pakistan has launched the Youth Water Network to empower young people in water management to foster intergenerational equity and also cultivate a sense of responsibility for the environment. Inclusive and youth-centric water management is key to building a more sustainable and water-secure future.” And, last but not the least, Hisaar Foundation has also initiated a Water and Climate Justice Committee. Explaining the rationale behind this endeavor, Kamal stated, “We have attempted extensively to introduce justice issues into water discourse. We feel it is now time to invert this relationship and introduce water and climate change onto ongoing platforms of justice and human rights. As a start, we are forming a committee, titled Water and Climate Justice Committee, to work with the chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.” The Water and Climate Justice Committee will serve as a bridge between environmental concerns and human rights, aiming to create a holistic approach to address the intricate interplay between water, climate change, and justice. These endeavors signify a noteworthy stride in Pakistan’s dedication to tackling the intricate challenges of climate change and water insufficiency. The efforts of Hisaar Foundation with the collaboration of international and national panels signify a renewed focus on sustainable solutions and global cooperation and highlight the Foundation’s commitment to making good on their promises. For further PR-related inquiries please contact the undersigned.