PAJIC enabling foreign nationals to Invest into Pakistan

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) DMM Group has  acquired majority stake in   Pak Afghan Joint Investment Company Ltd (PAJIC) –  a startup that has created full echo system for foreign nationals & foreign investors to invest in Pakistan real estate sector.

Mr. Fysal Gill, CEO & President  of DMM Group stated that ” present government of Pakistan has formulated favourable policies ad have created environment for foreign nationals to invest into Pakistan real estate sector. This acquisition creates perfect synergy and enable group to enter real estate sector of Pakistan. International presence and access to investors joins hands with experienced teams  in real estate consulting business, thanks to PAJIC LTD.

Mr. Sikander Marwan, Board Member of PAJIC LTD stated that ”acquisition will bring financial muscle and access to foreign investor & customer in multiple countries and allow PAJIC LTD to become a leading real estate consulting platform to invest into Pakistan.