Our party is focusing on education as well as the welfare of farmers

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Problems such as these are manageable when the nation is educated. Our nation is being kept away from education under a well-conceived conspiracy. Our party is focusing on education as well as the welfare of farmers, said Chaudhry Abdul Rauf Tatla, president of North Punjab Kisan Ittehad, in an exclusive interview during his visit.  The farmer of the country will be educated, he will never fail and he will not have any difficulty in getting his rights, he said, adding that under a well thought out plan the farmer is being harassed in various ways and the farmer works hard while someone eats.  And yes but the present rulers have failed miserably to pay attention to this. Especially sugar mafia has suppressed the peasant community.

Mill owners acquire sugarcane on debt basis from the peasants and earn a lion’s share but the peasants are kept awaiting for their payments.How much oppression is given to those who work hard to buy commodities at break rates and at gold rates.  He said that now is the time to do what we can to strengthen the farmer and go to the utmost for the betterment of the farmer so that the farmer of Pakistan can also see the face of prosperity.