OPPO’s high-quality product enriches the customer experience

OPPO the smartphone manufacturer entered Pakistan in 2015 and quickly came to be in a league of its own with great offerings and high-quality products. To visually present the story behind each product to its users, OPPO has recently launched its Quality Campaign by releasing videos on their social media. The documentaries are a visual representation to take viewers through all the manufacturing processes, brand culture, employee and user story. OPPO is calling upon its users to relive their old memories by joining their #OPPOExperiencer campaign. With this, the brand aims to build a stronger relationship with the consumers in the future to make more memories and integrate users into the OPPO Family.

With a strong focus on its core values BENFEN the brand has become a global technology company that uses best global practices for employee ethics and work culture. BENFEN – to do the right thing and user-led is a core value formulated on an ambition that strives for perfection and works towards providing great results.

OPPO is constantly challenging the status quo to exceed their limits. At OPPO, innovation means embracing fearlessness. OPPO visualizes technology to reach new levels by making innovations in the smartphone industry. The brand has decided to invest RMB 50 billion in R&D to build the core underlying hardware, software, and system capabilities to integrate all of OPPO’s products and its users into an integrated ecosystem. OPPO is known to have set high expectations and until now it has fulfilled all expectations by bringing sleeker, better performing and large-display, and fast charging smartphones. With a growing IoT department, the brand continues to aspire to launch new devices that connect the user and allows them to be a part of the OPPO ecosystem.

OPPO’s quality policy is to achieve continual excellence through unremitting progress. To that end, from trial to mass production, OPPO’s devices are generally subjected to 390 different types of tests with the highest industry standard to ensure strength, durability, and functionality. For example, OPPO achieved nearly 100% SMT automatic mounting and over 80% automatic assembly testing. Engaging in deeper user request dives, user-led technological innovation, has further allowed OPPO to compass a clearer road to perfection.

Since establishing the company in 2004, the brand has expanded its global footprint to over 40 countries and regions with Pakistan having a major market share. The brand has been at the forefront of innovation. Over the years the brand has occupied a leading position and maintains the quality of the product with its innovation and technology. The brand continues to reach for the skies with a wider scope that goes beyond smartphones turning all its ideas into reality.