OPPO – Winning Hearts And Minds Through Innovation

One of the world’s leading smartphone brand OPPO has come a long way since its inception in 2001. OPPO has always emphasized on efforts towards bringing new technology in the smartphone industry, although we might see it as small nifty changes in our smartphones but there is a lot that goes into the making these small changes. Changes that result in making our life easier when using our smartphone devices. Here are a few innovations OPPO came up with just in the last year.

OPPO revealed its state-of-the-art technology, the “under screen camera” or USC which is exactly what it sounds like, yes, the front facing camera hides beneath the screen display. What’s the use of this technology? Well it provides an entirely immersive viewing experience. As we enter the era of pop-up selfie cameras and moveable rotating cameras for a notch-less screen which have become increasingly demanded. The technology from OPPO seems to be eons into the future! The technology was showcased at the Mobile World Conference 2019 where is grasped much appreciation from the audience globally.

Although we can talk about the USC technology all day long, but this is not the only innovation OPPO has come-up with. A 10x hybrid Zoom technology in their latest smartphone series the Reno. The technology is said to revolutionize the camera of your smartphones for good because now you can take pictures at concerts and sports events without the use of a complex DSLR and an expensive lens. Sit back on your seat take out your phone and click a 10x zoomed-in image that might be 100 meters away from you. Convenience at its best!

OPPO has also made advances towards 5G technology and has released its 5G enabled smartphones. 5G technology needs to be promoted throughout the world. One benefit of 5G enabled phones is improved efficiency of cellphone batteries, due to the extensive antenna networks, less power would be consumed to transmit data to the nearby small cell networks and of course blazing 5G speeds.

Apart from their extensive leaps in technology and innovation, OPPO has making headway into the hearts of its core customer base as well. OPPO has a long tern strategy to promote sports globally, for example OPPO fans were left in a frenzy when OPPO decided to send two winners of their lucky draw to the finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup. It is to be noted here that OPPO was the official partner of the ICC CWC as well, an event that brings a multitude of countries together. Moreover, OPPO had partnered up with Wimbledon and were the official partners of the game as well.

OPPO has set some extreme benchmarks for the smartphone industry. Their passion for innovation and will to outperform their competitors is something one takes inspiration from. Given the current challenges to the smartphone market it is becoming ever so hard to sell cell-phones. In such hard conditions OPPO has been seen to aggressively market their brand through technology and innovation. Something we should all applaud.