OMD and Google launch campaign

Lahore –  With the rapid growth in the digital universe and digital media buying continuously finding its way towards automation in Pakistan, OMD Pakistan, part of Omnicom Media Group, along with Google became the first agency to launch a Programmatic Campaign locally, using DoubleClick Bid Manager, a next-generation demand-side-platform (DSP) which enables advertisers to programmatically purchase ad inventory through multiple ad exchanges using audience targeting.

This achievement is the first of its kind in Pakistan’s digital media industry with OMD Pakistan being the first and only agency to have a DoubleClick Bid Manager local seat in Pakistan. The Programmatic Campaign was run using preferred deals in Private Marketplace (PMP) on DoubleClick Bid Manager with local publishers.

OMD Pakistan’s CEO, Dara Bashir Khan, observed, “Programmatic buying is the automated space-age technology for digital media sales.

With the launch of this campaign we have made real-time and at scale automated bidding for our clients possible in just milliseconds!”.

The digital advertising industry is on a fast track which has led to more responsibility on advertisers, to not just make ad transactions more efficient but to make them even more effective. Programmatic buying is a revolutionary change from traditional ad buying and gives the advertiser more power to reach out to the desired audience using different sets of data.

Dara Bashir Khan further added, “We have always aimed to incorporate innovative methods at OMD Pakistan through our motto of sharper insights, smarter ideas, and stronger results, and this achievement is a perfect paradigm to break through barriers in Pakistan’s media industry.”