NXT by NETSOL Technologies

NXT by NETSOL Technologies – A COVID-Aware Smart Workplace Solution to Support Companies’ Return to Work Safely

New Platform Leverages the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D Mapping and Gamification to Make Returning to Work Safe and Engaging for Employees while increasing efficiency in all departments

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) NETSOL Technologies, Inc., a global services and enterprise application solutions provider, in collaboration with WRLD, an immersive 3D mapping technology company, is proud to announce the launch of NXT in Pakistan and US today. NXT is a COVID- aware smart workplace solution which ensures standard operating procedures for employees to safely return to the office and offers virtual interaction and seamless communication for those who continue to work remotely. The NXT platform, powered by WRLD harnesses the potential of 3D gaming quality maps and the internet of things (IoT) technology, to create a digital twin of the real world. This is utilized to connect and engage employees with their workplace while also ensuring they follow strict COVID-safety protocols such as contact tracing, wellness checks and social distancing while in the office. NXT is a global solution from Pakistan to counter the impact that COVID -19 has had on the local market. The NXT platform has been successfully put into practice at NETSOL offices in Pakistan and is available as a software application that can be quickly scaled and shaped for companies of all sizes and from all sectors. The Government of Pakistan is also taking multiple initiatives to boost the use of Technology, entrepreneurship and digitalization for economic prosperity and growth. Today we see positive trends in the tech space of Pakistan. There are many tech based products and solutions coming up from Pakistan and gaining international attention. NXT is also envisioned to be positioned as a global product made by Pakistani tech talent.

To view a video showcasing the NXT workplace platform’s key features, please visit: https://netsoltech.com/nxt/

“I feel honoured to introduce a locally made solution to combat the world-wide crisis we are facing and present it globally. NXT is a response to the changing working dynamics and is designed to cater the emerging needs at work. This product is going to greatly benefit the Pakistani market as well as the international market. The global pandemic has radically transformed the modern working environment and has greatly increased every company’s view of responsibility to their employees’ health and safety,” said Faizaan Ghauri, WRLD’s Chief Executive Officer and NXT’s Product Visionary. “NETSOL’s collaboration with WRLD to transition our global operations to a work-from-home hybridization helped form NXT. We believe its applications will be beneficial to any organization looking to meet today’s unique challenges both during and post-pandemic. NXT has enabled our company to establish and enforce robust standard operating procedures (SOPs) to bring employees back to work in an efficient, transparent and socially distant manner, while simultaneously keeping in contact with employees’ productivity on and off-campus.”

The NXT workplace is a flexible platform that interfaces with an organization’s HR and building management as well as its IoT, productivity and wellness systems to create a Digital Twin of its office space and provide real-time workplace intelligence. Through IoT datasets such as indoor positioning and occupancy sensors, NXT helps employees to assign workspaces and book meetings in real-time while socially distancing within the office. The NXT platform has been optimized to provide organizations with administrative control over protected data, establishing a fully-secure and cloud-integrated system that enables remote access and on-premise management. As Pakistan is being integrated into the digital economy, NXT is the perfect solution to allow Pakistan to increase its efficiency in the international market to compete with the biggest players. NXT provides the perfect solution for increased transparency & efficiency.

The NXT platform features include:

  • 3D real-time “Digital Twin” of office space.
  • Real-time COVID-radius display, ensuring six-foot distances are being maintained.
  • Integration and visualization with IoT sensors for occupancy and footfall management, temperature, air quality, and sensors.
  • Building and work-from-home (WFH) check-in capabilities via mobile app.
  • Virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) telepresence capabilities.
  • Online Meeting room booking, workspace allocation and safe distance occupancy management.
  • Employee health and wellness standard operating procedure (SOP) and temperature check-ins.
  • Real-time productivity management systems: Github, JIRA, Microsoft Teams.
  • Turn-by-turn mapping for navigation and interior wayfinding.
  • Security systems and real-time video feed of office space.
  • Fault reporting and customer service management.

To learn more about the NXT workplace application please visit here.