Nestlé Pak WEP signatory

LAHORE –   Nestlé Pakistan signed the CEO Statement of Support for the Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs), signaling the support for gender equality and the guidance provided by the principles. The event was organized with the facilitation of UNWomen. WEP is a set of considerations to help businesses, like Nestlé, achieve key elements which are imperative to ensue gender equality at workplace.
Becoming a WEP signatory is part of Nestlé Pakistan’s commitment for the advancement of gender equality to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5. The organization has several initiatives aligned with the principles. Nestlé launched the Lahore Chapter of the “Lean In” circle in 2016.
Bruno Olierhoek, Managing Director Nestlé Pakistan, commented,” I commit that Nestlé Pakistan will aim to increase the number of women at managerial and senior level positions. Additionally, we will aim to train over 500 of our line managers on “Unconscious Bias” by the end of 2018. So far we have trained 160 line managers. Lastly in order to create enabling conditions to ensure more women come back to work or take up work full-time, we are improving facilities like Day Cares and Women Hostels in our factories and other site”.