Muneeb Khurshid is Aiming to capture the Arab market after the success of Ds Members Collection in America

Pakistan (Nut Desk) Muneeb Khurshid made a name for himself internationally after completing his education at an early age. Now he is involved in the world’s most expensive car business in the United States and Dubai, where he has been involved in the Hollywood film industry. Muneeb Khurshid is now renting the world’s most expensive cars, including Mercedes BMW Benz Private Jet, for music videos ,business tours and Bollywood movie and music stars in Dubai. “ I was always attracted to luxury cars & lifestyle, networking with like minded people allowed me to understand the potential in luxury lifestyle business. Through my network it wasn’t a challenge for me to jump into the industry & to implement my approach, luckily it turned out to be way better than I thought” After successfully trapping the business class in United States, Ds Members Collection is now aiming to expand in tier entire United Arab Emirates. Muneeb Khurshid was a prominent participant in the Expo 2020 and this when he analysed the potential in the gulf. “Our services are mainly for the tourists & business activities, I believe Dubai is becoming a hub for both of these sectors” Additionally Ds Members Collection fells in the celebrity wish list, the organisation has a past experience of working with countless public figures, entrepreneurs & celebrities, which boosted the business initially.