MediaTekHelio G80 Bodes well with the gaming enthusiasts!

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Infinix Mobility Limited is yet again transcending its way towards the launch of Note 8 with the groundbreaking technology. The Note series, that has never ceased to amaze its users, is this time coming with a meticulously designed processor of MediaTekHelioG80 from MediaTek’s G-series chipset domain.
MediaTekHelioG80 are specially designedocta core gaming chipsets that have revolutionized the mid-range mobile market.

MediaTekHelio G80 chipset is known for its seamless gaming experience that provides smoother performance in heavy-loading game engines! It can run multiple games like PUBG, Fortnite, Asphalt, Call of Duty etc. in high settings.

This year owing to the pandemic, a lot of people have been home stricken andspent most of their time on mobile phones playing games.PUBG became so popular that every mobile manufacturing company thought of providing the best gaming experience to its end user in relatively low price. So considering the holistic market of gaming enthusiasts, Infinix has geared its focus to provide a better gaming experience in its note series with MediaTekHelio G80.

With its heterogeneous multi-processing a user can enjoy the perks of split window i.e. gaming and work both at the same time.

MediaTekHelioG80 also maximizes the battery performance and makes sure that the battery does not drain too fast. This chipset also supports multiple AI features like bookeh, face recognition and provides better software features. It is paired with 6 gigs of RAM in Note 8 and Note 8i to maximum performance and functionality.

With the emerging competition in the mid-range market, chipset plays a pivotal role for the end users in the potential purchase. Which is why Infinix chose MediaTekHelioG80 for the Note 7’s successor.

All the information jotted over here is not just a conjecture, it is actually backed up with some facts and figures. The diagram attached below shows the comparison of MediaTekHelio G80 processor with MediaTekHelio G70 and Snapdragon 665. The results from the ANTUTU Ranking are pretty evident that how MediaTekHelioG80 has surpassed Snapdragon665 performance wise!  

People have become aware of the chipsets and they definitely consider the processors before spending their valuable money. Since bad processors leave an unpleasant impression on the end user and result in mega problems like overheating, lagging, bad camera etc.

So here, the estimated amount of Note 8 would be around PKR 28,000-30,000/- which isa jam pack box entailing a whole lot of features and value for money!

Hopes are sky mounted. Looking forward to the launch of Note 8 soon!