Martin Dow Marker Ltd. collaborates with Fazal Din Pharma Plus and Imtiaz Pharmacy for ‘Patient Safety’

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)  Pakistan’s leading pharmaceutical company Martin Dow Marker Ltd. (MDM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding recently with two leading chain pharmacies of Pakistan i.e., “Fazal Din Pharma Plus” and “Imtiaz Pharmacy” today for Joint Patient Awareness, Access & Care Collaborations (JPAAC) program focusing on different diseases and training of their pharmacists for better patient care. The purpose behind this strategic collaboration is to bring maximum enhancement in the entire process of patients’ awareness on disease & dosage compliance to cater to the increasing health issues of the general public. This would be achieved by taking all rational measures for the dissemination of reliable information and increasing the accessibility of medicines to the public. These collaborations would provide extensive training sessions to the respective pharmacists which would help them become more informed and efficient in guiding patients at their pharmacies.

Group Managing Director & CEO, Martin Dow Group, Javed Ghulam Mohammad, while highlighting on these partnerships said, “By organizing such kinds of awareness, patient care and pharmacist training programs, the workforce of our partners will learn much about improving the access to medication available to the public and would be better equipped for patient counseling. It is the need of the hour to constantly address all the serious health concerns rightly which our patients encounter during routine life and mostly tackles them wrongly due to lack of awareness about the correct solutions.”

Chief Commercial Officer – Pharma & Trade, Nouman Lateef & Head of Trade Marketing, Sheraz Ahmad, expressed their views that Martin Dow Marker will also facilitate screening and consultation camps at their partners’ premises with qualified medical practitioners for the benefit of the public. It is hoped that Martin Dow Marker’s collaboration with Fazal Din Pharma Plus and Imtiaz Pharmacy would support in raising awareness among the masses regarding health & safety and prove to be valuable for the society.