Martin Dow announces the National Consensus Guidelines for Chemoprophylaxis & Surgical Site Infections

Lahore –  Martin Dow in collaboration with Dr. Salman Faridi announced the launch of National Consensus Guidelines for Chemoprophylaxis & Surgical Site Infections handbook at an event.

The twenty-five page pocket book containing these guidelines has been compiled after consulting with a consortium of leading practicing surgeons, infectious disease specialists, gynecologists and microbiologists from teaching and public hospitals from across the country. A total of thirty-one of the top surgeons in the country provided their input in preparing these guidelines for the purpose of advising surgeons nationwide. This handy guidebook on evidenced based practices, as per international literature, would serve to reduce the incidents of infection in surgical procedures.

Speaking to the doctors and media, Dr. Salman Faridi, MBBS, FRCS, Professor of Surgery, Medical Director at Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College, Karachi commented: “Currently there is a lack of uniformity among surgical practices across the country. Through the National Consensus Guidelines for Chemoprophylaxis & Surgical Site Infections, we hope to bring all surgeons on the same page. One of the problems of surgical practice in Pakistan is the lack of standardization when it comes to treating and preventing surgical infections. Inappropriate antibiotic usage also leads to drug resistance which in practical terms means many infections become difficult to eradicate. Hence the need was felt for having advisory guidelines across the country on best antibiotic usage practices as evidenced by international literature and local microbiology.”

The primary objective behind developing these guidelines is to provide an infection control document which encourages the appropriate use of antibiotics, both, as a chemoprophylactic agent and as a curative agent for surgical site infections with an additional benefit in preventing drug resistance. This will result in strengthening antibiotic stewardship by reducing the irrational use of antibiotics in dealing with such conditions.

Mr. Jawed Akhai, Chairman Martin Dow Group stated “We are happy to represent the ‘Consensus guidelines on Chemoprophylaxis & Surgical Site Infections.’By introducing this handbook we hope to provide surgeons with guidelines to help ensure and enhance patient safety, by reducing infections and preventing drug resistance so antibiotics don’t lose their efficacy. At our company we are continuously striving to create a distinction in healthcare. On behalf of my company, I would like to thank Dr. Salman Faridi and all the surgeons who contributed towards the development of this handbook, through which we aim to add quality and value to the profession of surgery. We hope that these guidelines will open up new horizons in the fields of medical education and practices in the country which will bring about a significant change in the lives and well-being of patients.”

The consensus guidelines handbook which is to be launched in multiple cities across Pakistan covers all general, surgical and gynecological surgeries.