Lucky Cement Limited Announces Expansion of Clinker Production Capacity in Iraq

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir) Pakistan’s leading cement manufacturer Lucky Cement Limited is pleased to announce its strategic move to enhance clinker production capacity in Iraq. In line with the increasing demand for cement in Iraq, driven by the resurgence of economic activity and a surge in construction projects, Lucky Cement’s joint venture company with Al-Shumookh group, Najmat-Al-Samawah (NAS), has resolved to add a new clinker production line in Samawah, Iraq.

This expansion will boost the clinker production capacity by an additional 1.82 million tons per annum (MTPA), reinforcing Lucky Cement’s commitment to meet Iraq’s growing cement requirements and ensure a sustainable supply of clinker for the Joint Venture cement grinding facility in Basra, Iraq.

NAS has recently entered into an Engineering & Procurement Contract for the expansion project. The construction activity is slated to commence within the first quarter of FY24 and is expected to be completed within 18 months, showcasing the efficiency and promptness of Lucky Cement’s execution capabilities.

With the inclusion of this new clinker line, Lucky Cement’s overall domestic and international capacities will be significantly enhanced. The updated capacities are as follows:

  • Lucky Cement Limited, Pezu, Lakki Marwat: 10.25 MTPA (Fully integrated cement plant).
  • Lucky Cement Limited, Karachi: 5.05 MTPA (Fully integrated cement plant).
  • Nyumba Ya Akiba, Democratic Republic of Congo: 1.31 MTPA (Fully integrated cement plant).
  • Al-Mabrooka Cement Company, Basra, Iraq: 1.74 MTPA (Cement grinding plant).
  • Najmat-Al-Samawah, Samawah, Iraq: 1.31 MTPA (Fully integrated cement plant).
  • Najmat-Al-Samawah, Samawah, Iraq: 1.82 MTPA (New clinker line).

This strategic capacity expansion aligns with Lucky Cement’s core value of entrepreneurship, as the company seeks to diversify its portfolio of products and businesses. In addition to cement operations, Lucky Cement has a well-diversified business portfolio encompassing automobiles, chemicals & agri sciences, mobile phone assembling, and energy, including captive power plants. This diversification not only enhances the quality of earnings but also delivers sustainable value to its shareholders.

Lucky Cement Limited remains committed to providing superior products, driving economic growth, and meeting the evolving needs of its customers and partners. The expansion of clinker production capacity in Iraq further reinforces Lucky Cement’s position as a trusted and reliable partner in the cement industry.