LG Electronics launches its latest Multi VTM 5 VRF Air conditioning solution in Pakistan

The LG’s Latest Air Conditioning Technology brings the ultimate in Performance, Reliability and Efficiency

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Following a successful launch in many markets around the world, LG Electronics (LG) has announced the release of its brand new MULTI VTM 5 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air conditioning solution designed to offer exceptional performance. The latest in the company’s successful MULTI V line, the advanced model pushes boundaries even in the most extreme climate conditions with its streamlined functionality optimizing energy efficiency and maximizing user comfort.

His Excellency Mr. Kim Donggi, Council General of Embassy of Korea and Mr. Sookwang Lee, Commercial Air Conditioner Sales Team Leader of LG Electronics Gulf FZE were the chief guests at the recently held launch event. The seminar was also attended by leading MEP consultants, contractors, developers, architects and other stakeholders of the industry. 

The MULTI VTM 5 is equipped with innovative Dual Sensing Control that monitors temperature and humidity levels to efficiently manage cooling and heating. Equipped with LG’s Ultimate Inverter Compressor and boasting a large capacity for outdoor units, the MULTI VTM 5 is a powerful climate control solution that excels in even the most strenuous climates.

“As our fifth generation VRF system, it implements a range of innovative technologies to offer customers unparalleled energy efficiency and comfort. Making advanced climate control technology even more accessible, this industry-leading solution provides excellent operational savings and greater comfort to our customers. We are extremely proud of the MULTI VTM 5, our new flagship system air conditioning solution,” said Mr.Jong Youl Lee, General Manager LG Pakistan.

According to latest industry reports, Pakistan Air Conditioner market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% during 2017-2023. Pakistan air conditioner market is growing at a healthy rate owing to increasing disposable income and expanding middle class population. Income of households in Pakistan have eventually increased owing to growing working population resulting in high purchasing power, which is further contributing to the growth of air conditioner market in the country.

Further speaking at the launch event, Mr. Imran Jamil Khan, CEO Iceberg Industries said “We are extremely proud to partner with LG Electronics for the distribution of MULTI VTM 5 in Pakistan. With the experience of over three decades, the Iceberg Industries is proud to introduce the LG’s latest Multi V-5 VRF system, the ultimate HVAC Solution.”

Also speaking at the launch, Mr. Syed Farrukh Raza Alam, Head of B2B business at LG Pakistan, added, “Pakistan is one of the potential markets for air conditioners in the Asia-Pacific region; led by rising investments, public & private infrastructure development as well as government Vision 2025, which would drive government spending in several sectors such as housing, infrastructure, commercial, hospitality, manufacturing, education, and healthcare. LG’s latest line-up of air conditioning solutions are a perfect fit for the evolving Pakistani market.”

Dual Sensing Control

One of the most impressive features of LG’s MULTI VTM 5 is its Dual Sensing Control which helps the air conditioning unit evaluate climate conditions down to the smallest detail. Unlike conventional air conditioners which only track temperature, the MULTI VTM 5 measures both temperature and humidity levels for outdoor and indoor environments. This comprehensive understanding of multiple climate conditions helps the solution determine its parameters in order to achieve optimal energy efficiency and maximum indoor comfort levels.Efficient systems like the Smart Load Control make it possible to effectively regulate outdoor unit discharge refrigerant temperature, increasing energy efficiency anywhere from 15 to 31 percent depending on humidity conditions. This is ideal especially for tropical environments as the Smart Load Control function’s comprehensive understanding of its surroundings helps optimize energy efficiency while maximizing indoor comfort levels. Typical VRFs normally fluctuate considerably in order to maintain a set indoor temperature, making them highly inefficient.

Ultimate Inverter Compressor

The LG MULTI VTM 5’s new Ultimate Inverter Compressor offers unrivaled efficiency, reliability and durability. Improving on the 15 to 150 Hz operational range of its predecessor, it operates from 10 Hz to 165 Hz. This widened range increases part load efficiency and enhances the MULTI VTM 5’s ability to quickly reach the desired temperature. The MULTI VTM 5 features an enhanced bearing system layered with PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) – an advanced material normally used in airplane engines – this efficient infrastructure allows the MULTI VTM 5 to operate for sustained periods without any oil. In addition, the MULTI VTM 5’s Smart Oil Management uses sensors to check the compressor’s oil balance in real time, minimizing unnecessary oil recovery operation.

Large Capacity ODU

With an innovative biomimetic fan, 4-sided heat exchanger, and improved compressor performance, the MULTI VTM 5’s efficiency and capacity have each been enhanced, making it possible for a single ODU to reach 20 HP. Utilizing research from the Seoul National University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, the engineers behind the MULTI VTM 5 drew on inspiration from humpback whale flippers when designing the fan. Moreover, the solution’s advanced biomimetic fan significantly increases wind capacity.

Ocean Black Fin

Equipped with LG’s exclusive Ocean Black Fin, the MULTI VTM 5 is protected from corrosive substances such as salt, sand and other elements brought in by sea winds as well as industrial pollution. The black coating of the Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger keeps water from accumulating in order to minimize moisture buildup. This durability enhancement prolongs the product’s lifespan and lowers maintenance costs, paving the way for improved performance.

Auto Dust Removal

Unlike previous models that required manual cleaning, the Auto Dust Removal feature allows the LG MULTI VTM 5 to provide fully automated, convenient cleaning. The feature removes dust on the outdoor unit’s heat exchanger by reversing fan rotation to eliminate accumulated sand and dust. This makes it possible for users to operate their air conditioners comfortably without worrying about the malfunctions that can occur due to dust accumulation, a particularly welcome addition in desert climates.