Lahore Museum hosted the inaugural ceremony of Four Days Digital Arts Festival

Lahore (Qasim Ali)

Lahore Digital Arts Festival held its opening ceremony at the one of its main venue historic Lahore museum on Wednesday evening. Four Days. Digital Arts Festival is a city-wide celebration of emerging digital art scene of Pakistan commencing from October 12 at 9 different venues in the cultural capital of Pakistan. In the inaugural ceremony the organizing team introduced the participating international artists and talked about the ambition behind unique initiative which is to celebrate the realm of art, technology and everything in between.

Muhammad Usman, director Lahore Museum formally welcomed all the guests and shared the blend of Art with technology surely will open new avenue for the future endeavors. Renowned Artist Rashid Rana appreciated the organizing team for immense hard work in collaborating with international artists and best local talent and presenting them together. This creativity, innovation, and technology will expand the dialogues and art accessibility in Pakistan and South Asia.

Najam Ul Assar, Festival Founding Curator said that will festival also serve as a launchpad for our extensive research report, which will be made public during four day proceedings. The joint festival is possible through the support of EUNIC , the EU delegation in Pakistan and the embassies of Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany and Italy. “Culture needs spheres and spaces for experimentation empowerment and activities, as in the happiest case made possible here in Lahore by the many platforms of the Digital Arts Festival 23.” Simone Lenz, Director Goethe-Institut Pakistan The Four Days Festival run from 12 to 15 October 2023, and aims to explore the dynamic intersection of art and technology.

74 digital artists from 14 countries will showcase their cutting-edge work, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and interactivity. The festival will feature immersive digital installations, allowing attendees to experience art in new and innovative ways at 9 venues across the city. MikroPOM is an international conference that is hosted in Pakistan, in collaboration with Beaconhouse National University. MikroPOM Lahore is part of the festival and centres its attention towards the multifaceted aspects of technology in the city. Four Days – Lahore Digital Arts Festival was conferred with Award of Excellence last night by the The Governor of Punjab Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman for SDG goal 17, partnerships for the goals. on tuesday evening at the Giverner house Lahore .

The Festival is working with 23 national and international partners. The award was received by Sarah Rajper (Co-curator) and Umair Mushtaq (Head of Production).