Kreative Kinder Haus Comes to Lahore

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir Kreative Kinder Haus (KKH), an educational setup that offers inclusive developmental and learning opportunities to children with special needs has launched its new branch of preschool and special needs program for the residents of Lahore in collaboration with Synergy Health Shift Center.

The idea of this innovative space is to provide an inclusive learning environment where children with special needs can openly interact with neurotypical children while being given an opportunity to learn and grow according to their own special needs and strengths. The school provides regular, as well as special needs programs. Both programs run in parallel with the aim of giving all children the chance to learn from each other. The unique teaching methods provide a safe and nurturing environment with equal integration of play and creativity, allowing each child to flourish and reach their full potential.

Speaking at the opening of the new branch, Sabeen Bilal, Founder and Owner, Kreative Kinder Haus, said, “It brings me immense joy and pride to launch another branch of Kreative Kinder Haus.  We invest an extensive amount of effort, time and care for each child because children are the next generation and the future caretakers of our world. We provide the foundation to prepare children for their adult life. We believe that every child deserves to learn and strive in all areas of life, regardless of their physical and mental differences and to ensure that, we will continue to take a stand for them and for all that they stand for.”  

The school already has two branches in the capital city and has now expanded its footprint to Lahore. Following the spirit of inclusivity, KKH also accommodates children from less privileged backgrounds for free.