Kinnaird College inked MOU with French varsity

Women empowerment and strengthening young girls’ education:

Kinnaird College inked MOU with French varsity for student Exchange & Advancement of Research Programs.

Lahore (Nut Desk) A Delegation from Pakistan comprising of Prof. Dr. Rukhsana David, the Principal of Kinnaird College for Women along with Mr. Rizwan Anwar, Executive Director KCLCD Kinnaird College for Women & UN Youth Ambassador and Director KCLCD Maha Jamil is representing Kinnaird and Pakistan at the Erasmus Week”, of University of Catholic De lille at Lille, France these days. Kinnaird’s Delegation is participating at “Erasmus week”, an event that is being organized by University of Catholic de Lille in France every year to introduce and discuss the innovation in teaching and learning, student experience and United Nation’s SDGs in Context of Europe and Worldwide development.

Kinnaird delegation inked an MOU with France’s Top ranking Universities Including University of Catholic de Lille For Student Exchange Programs, Advancement of Research, SDGs and Exchange oof Academic faculties in the field of business Education, Literature, International Relations, Science and Technology. Pakistani delegation discussed about promoting and advancing innovation in Teaching, Education and Research.

Furthermore, During the sessions various topics came under spot light, including the women empowerment and strengthening young girls’ education which will help accomplish UN sustainable goals and 2030 Agenda. “Women Empowerment is key to strengthen the Nation and Education can contribute in building a positive Nation., Kinnaird is empowering women since 1913 and will continue to educate and enlighten the young women of Pakistan to Achieve the UN Goal of Quality Education and Gender Equality. “ Said Prof. Dr. Rukhsana David.

“We need to depict constructive, valuable, and positive image of Pakistan all over the world by engaging the young generation and students with United Nations (UN) and other International Organizations like University of Catholic De lille and for this Youth and Women need to be empowered through education for the progress and advancement of Sustainable Development Agenda.”

Said Rizwan Anwar, Executive Director at Centre for Learning and Cultural Development at Kinnaird College for Women. Maha Jamil Director KCLCD; Stressed upon the Equal Educational Opportunities for all for the sustainable future. High level representatives of Kinnaird put forth and spoke about supporting women and girls in crisis and emergency and furthermore about setting up and accelerating the advancement in research & education and addressing the requirements around the world.

The international Erasmus week is taking place from March 21-25 at Lille, France with over 50 international Delegates from all Continents of the world.