K-Electric Announces Revised Load-shed Plan

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) K-Electric announced a revision in its load-shed plan to manage the ongoing power shortfall in the city. As per the revised policy, 3 hours of loadshed will be undertaken in low loss areas within KE’s service territory.

Talking about the ongoing regime, spokesperson KE further added “This revised plan will provide a relief of 1-2 hours to areas which are already impacted by load-shed. The revised load-shed schedule can be obtained via KE’s website, KE Live app, and through the KE WhatsApp Self Service Portal. Consumers registered with KE’s 8119 service who may be affected by this change are also being informed through SMS.”

The utility expressed its apologies for the inconvenience caused to its customers due to this situation and vowed to continue to undertake all possible measures for its mitigation.