JS Investments Limited Launches JS FIXED-TERM MUNAFA FUND

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) JS Investments Limited, the first private sector asset management company of Pakistan, announces the launch of its latest offering – the JS Fixed Term Munafa Fund. Designed to meet the diverse needs of investors, the fund boasts two distinct plans offering attractive fixed returns, providing an avenue for wealth creation with a moderate risk profile:

The first plan presents investors with an enticing 17.50%* Per Annum Fixed Return at Maturity over 3 Years**, benchmarked against the 3-year PKRV Rates at the time of Plan Launch. Meanwhile, the second plan offers 21 %* Per Annum Fixed Return at Maturity of 1 Year**, benchmarked against the 1-year PKRV Rates at the time of Plan Launch.

JS Fixed Term Munafa Fund Plans have been meticulously crafted to allow investors to secure a predetermined fixed rate of return upon maturity. It strategically allocates funds to government securities, cash in bank accounts, money market placements, and TDRs, ensuring a well-rounded and secure financial portfolio. The scheme is structured to safeguard the initial investment amount at maturity while aiming to generate a fixed rate of return.

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, where market volatility and uncertainty are constant companions, long-term fixed-return mutual funds provide stability and numerous benefits that make them attractive investments.

Investors seeking stability and predictability favor long-term fixed-return mutual funds, which ensure a predetermined rate of return over an extended period. This proves advantageous for those with specific financial goals, such as funding a child’s education, planning for retirement, or purchasing a home, providing a structured way to accumulate wealth over time. Investing in JS Fixed Term Munafa Fund secures a stable rate of return amidst market fluctuations. Additionally, these funds act as a shield against market volatility, providing risk mitigation by insulating capital from market ups and downs. They contribute to portfolio diversification, complementing other asset classes and adding stability to the overall investment strategy. With easy online access, they facilitate efficient management. It’s ideal for diverse financial goals, offering tax efficiency with a final tax liability of 15%, making it appealing for High Net Worth (HNW) individuals.